Officially unpacked (almost)

It's official: the renovations at 542 King Edward are complete, we have moved back from our temporary offices, and we have unpacked 99% of all our things. After approximately 500 boxes, 3000 Post-Its, 10 rolls of packing tape and a whole lot of work later, we're done. Almost. But, I have a feeling the last few boxes will take a *long* time to unpack.

Here are some pictures of the completed renovations and the people around the press. Everyone would like you to know that their bulletin boards are usually much more crowded, in case they gave off the impression that they weren't busy.

Also note - the photographs are blurry and horrible because they had to be taken on the sly.

The UOP entry, as seen from above.
The entry, as seen by someone entering UOP, and Marie trying to hide in plain sight.

New kitchenette

Rebecca (left) and Mariam hard at work.

Mireille pretending to work

Marie, Managing Editor

Eric, Aquisitions Editor, embarrassed.

Mike, our Director, caught unawares.

Lola, working hard.

A serious conversation.

Marketing office

Jessica, smiley as ever.

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