Hot Topic: The Arctic

There is no doubt the world is warming up. As is does so, the cold places in the world will become more and more important. Russia, the biggest Arctic state is placed to become a world power once again. Elana Wilson Rowe, an expert on all things Northern, has gathered a gaggle of scholars to examine how Russia approaches its snowy regions. Read more about Russia and the North.


Radio Interview with Naïma Dib

Naïma Dib, the author of D'un islam textuel vers un islam contextuel will be interviewed today (Wednesday, July 8) on "Click here" on CHUO-FM89, from 5 to 6 pm.

Listen to the interview at 89.1 FM (Ottawa, Canada) or online at www.chuo.fm

Great Review in National Post

Check out this great review by Randy Boyagoda of Northrop Frye: New Directions from Old edited by David Rampton on the National Post's book blog The Afterword.