Philosophical Apprenticeship

In Philosophical Apprenticeships, Canadian Ph.D. candidates explore issues in contemporary continental philosophy. The graduate students conducted interviews with leading Canadian philosophers to inform their discussions.

This approach has interesting advantages. As a graduate student in communication, I know that a teacher and a student won’t use the same words to express a same idea. A professor who participated in the project said, “It is always a little disconcerting to see one’s ideas expressed through the formulations and interpretation of another.” This reformulation can sometimes encourage understanding of new or difficult ideas. At its core, Philosophical Apprenticeships is an example of the relationship between student and teacher at the graduate level.

For further information on Philosophical Apprenticeships check out the UOP’s website.


Little known peace conference subject of new book

In this article from The Niagara Falls Review, Alison Langley, speaks with Michael Small, author of The Forgotten Peace. Small was in Niagara Falls this past weekend for an event promoting his book at the Niagara Falls Public Library.

Read the full article to find out what peace was almost forgotten, and how Niagara Falls played a part.