Former Ambassador to Cuba Examines International Peace Conférence, 95 Years Later

We live in an era of humanitarian intervention, and Canadians take great pride in our continued efforts in peacekeeping and conflict prevention/resolution around the world. Michael Small's The Forgotten Peace explores the birth of our global-minded approach as he recounts the events of the first and only International Peace Conference held on Canadian soil.

In 1914, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and the United States sent delegations to meet for a peace conference at Niagara Falls, Ontario. A reaction to rising tensions between internal factions of the Mexican populace and the United States, the mediation was meant to facilitate an end to the revolution in Mexico. Instead, the process revealed the difficulties involved in broad-scale conflict resolution in an era when political norms for this kind of intervention were non-existent.

Drawing on nearly 30 years of experience working for the department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, author Michael Small carefully reconstructs the circumstances surrounding the conference. His professional experience provides Small with unique insight into the motivations of individual players in the mediation, allowing him to present the full scope of the situation. Further, his analysis of the conference draws on the current state of world affairs and offers a basis for comparison with contemporary events.

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