University Affairs article: The woman behind Tolstoy

Earlier this week, the magazine University Affairs/Affaires Universitaires published a short article about the publication of My Life -- the memoirs of Sofia Tolstaya, wife of the Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy.

Writer Carolyn Wong interviewed UOP's Managing Editor Marie Clausén for a unique look at the production aspect  of this massive project.

She writes:

"It took two years for Dr. Donskov and a team of two translators (John Woodsworth and Arkadi Klioutchanski, both members of the Slavic Research Group) and press staff to ready the book for publishing. With more than 1,200 pages to translate, scores of names and details to fact-check with experts in Russia, and 4,000 footnotes to create and index, managing editor Marie Clausén describes My Life as “the biggest and most complex book project I have ever worked on.”

With the book successfully completed and launched, Dr. Donskov has turned his attention to writing a critical study of Sofia’s work; none has ever been published in English. “She was an extremely bright woman,” he says. “What is most remarkable [about My Life] is if she had been given a chance, she would have been a very accomplished writer.”

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