Sofia's Side of the Story

Right now the press is gearing up for the release of “My Life,” which should be printed and bound in the next week or so. We’ve set a date for the launch, and we’re working on the invitations, the guest list, and doing all the grunt work it takes to pull off an event for over a hundred people. Never having published anything of this magnitude before, I think we’re all feeling the pressure a little bit, but so far everything has been going well (knock on wood!)

We were fortunate enough to be featured in an article in the Ottawa Citizen Sunday, announcing the publication of My Life and giving a bit of an introduction to Sofia.

It was nice to see the volume treated as such an accessible text, because that has been one of my challenges in publicizing it. At 1200 pages, it’s a little daunting, and it’s certainly important to stress the academic significance of this treasure trove of information on Tolstoy, but it’s also important to note that it is very easy and interesting to read!

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