Review - The Bold and the Brave by Monique Frize

Here’s a review done by the Literary Review of Canada on our book The Bold and the Brave: A History of Women in Science and Engineering by Monique Frize.

The article brings to light the fact that last time society checked, the number of women involved in the fields of engineering and science had been on the rise. However, the latest statistics suggest that number is now decreasing.

The review highlights the explanations provided by Frize that attempt to identify and characterize this trend. She argues that this cyclical phenomenon, where progress is followed by regress, has already occurred many times in our history. Jones explains:

“Throughout recorded history, women have made considerable gains in gender parity with men, only to have those gains abruptly terminated or to see them slowly dissipate through societal change.”

The argument regarding the cyclical nature of women’s progress in the fields of science and engineering is first put into historical context by Frize, after which she shares many observations she has made during her career that support the theory she proposes.

Sheilla Jones writes:

“The Bold and the Brave is a distillation of Frize’s personal experiences as the often lone woman in engineering classes or at conferences, and the feel¬ing that she was tilting at windmills in her effort to make engineering a friendlier place for women. And she has been at it for a long time.”

For further information on The Bold and the Brave: A History of Women in Science and Engineering check out the UOP’s website.

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