D. Paul Schafer – Revolution or Renaissance

In this video D. Paul Schafer presents the ideas gathered in his book, Revolution or Renaissance, to an audience at the University of Guelph. The presentation was also seen live via webscast at the University of Malmo in Sweden. It was recorded on March 14, 2009 during the seminar Media, Conflict and Development organized by Malmo’s Communication for Development Program.


  1. Hi
    How do I get hold of this video or DVD? Does the DVD come in Mac-compatible format?
    The blog you posted doesn't seem to work on my ibookG4 (Mac computer)
    Sieglinde Stieda
    Mission, BC

  2. Hi Sieglinde,

    I also have a mac computer and I think I know what the problem is. To get hold of this video you have to click twice on the play button (it's different from youtube)! If you click only one time, nothing will happen...